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Stewart and Fox

Scope Of Services

What we can offer you.

Social Media

Our dedicated social media team has over 10+ years of experience in social media. We can fully support our clients with marketing on any social media channel including offering market research-driven recommendations on which platform works best for your business/organisation.


Each social media platform requires a different approach, this is where most businesses struggle, trying to juggle multiple platforms alongside their day-to-day business processes. This is why we often see the same copy-and-paste post sprinkled across each channel with little return on investment.

Our bespoke social media service is tailored to each platform specifically to generate results inclusive of:

  • Social media copywriting

  • Image/video creation

  • Posting to the platform

  • Optimising content for best results

  • Analytics tracking

  • Community and crisis management

Alongside this, we are also abreast of rapidly changing trends and updates so you can relax and focus on what you do best!

Public Relations


The public’s perception of you and your company is of the utmost importance. Press articles can gain valuable exposure for your company and allow you to curate a full business persona and brand authority. Alongside this, press exposure in the digital space also boosts SEO for your website! We are equipped with a huge database of journalists covering national, local, international, and multi-genre media outlets.


Our public relations services are also fully inclusive of crisis management, as much as all companies/public figures want to offer a fully positive experience for their clientele/fanbase, issues can and do still arise. We are fully trained to liaise with broadcasters and journalists to offer crisis-defusing correspondence to guarantee that you are represented in a transparent and positive light.


Our public relations and crisis support services are inclusive but not limited to:


  •   Creating online and offline press releases Liaising with relevant journalists

  •   Daily tracking of PR articles Analytics reporting

  •   Crisis responses as and when needed

  •   Building and updating crisis response documents for use with journalists

  •   Acting as a spokesperson for your brand, creating videos or attending interviews on your behalf

Influencer Marketing


Influencers can provide an unparalleled advantage to you over your competitors. With specifically targeted marketing in your desired niche, they can provide exposure within your target demographic, and drive engagement and brand authenticity; not only bringing in current consumers but new organic leads also.


However, there’s a huge difference between someone with “lots of social media followers” and someone with actual influence and the ability to encourage their followers to pursue an action. Influencer marketing can be a minefield due to the number of people who buy likes and followers, it is also incredibly difficult to ascertain whether a particular person has an actual influence over their audience. This is where we come in, with our experience in the field not just with working with clientele but also with past roles as influencers ourselves.


Our influencer outreach service is inclusive but not limited to:


  • Building a database of influencers perfectly matched to your target demographic

  • Building influencer campaign plans and briefs in line with ASA guidelines

  • Contacting influencers and negotiating pay rates or free promotional collaborations

  • Providing adequate tracking where possible

  • Tracking and monitoring campaign metrics

  • Creating tracking and results reports so you are not left in the dark over campaign performance

Website Design


Our website design service offers fully responsive websites that display beautifully across all platforms, tablets, phones, PCs, etc. Our websites are fully inclusive of SEO to help you gain new clientele and views from your target audience.


We can create websites for any company and of any size! All websites are different and bespoke to you and your demographics’ needs. We also offer consultations to all our clients ahead of starting the design work to advise on the best recommendations for design, page topics, etc for your audience.


Web Design services are inclusive but not limited to:


  • Client onboarding to guarantee content and topics are true to brand values 

  • Website design

  • Design draft meeting to go over initial look and feel 

  • Content writing for all pages

  • Custom functionality and add-ons where necessary, for example; booking calendars, online shops, private login areas for members, etc.

Graphic Design and Branding


Branding is key for any company as Paul Rand famously stated: “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”. Through our branding services, we can deliver not only a brand logo, design elements, and feel but also a brand book with guidelines and recommended tone of voice, vision, mission, and value statements.


Alongside the above we also have the following design elements:


  • Simple or fully-fledged logo design 

  • Posters

  • PDFs

  • Business Card Design 

  • Custom Graphics

  • Infographics

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Photo Editing

Video and Video Editing


We offer a full suite of video and video editing services including animation. Covering all these areas supports us in guaranteeing your video content is on-brand and consistent from creation to delivery. Our team consists of production companies, ex- YouTubers, video SEO experts, and long and short-form content creators.


Our video services consist of but are not limited to:


  • Storyboarding 

  • Shooting

  • Video directing 

  • Animation

  • Uploading and SEO optimisation for web

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